Reality in Fiction

Watching and Making: A specific question of cinema which allows the discovery of the different parameters of cinema on every encounter: mise en scène, sound, light, acting, editing… Featuring resources to explore the topic in an educational setting. An examination of the place of reality in fiction: Scenes mixing actors and non-actors, chance encounters, fictional characters set amongst the real, everyday world. What happens, when, by way of these films, do reality and fiction come face to face?

Rules of the Game

Working through individual and group based exercises defined by the rules that govern the project allows participants to experiment and develop an understanding of the interplay of elements that make up this question of cinema.

Bringing reality in fiction: Film twice a character waiting for another character, in two very different places, engaging interaction between reality and fiction. This exercice allows to understand how an actor, immersed in the heart of a public place becomes a character.

Talking whilst doing: Film a character telling something to another character, whilst performing an action that needs concentration and/or technical ability. This exercice allows to understand how the character is fed by the reality of the actor’s moves.

Matching eye line on the world: Film a character discovering a place where he wanders: first through a series of matching eye lines, then showing the character within that place. This exercice allows to understand how to give birth to an emotion, without dialogue nor words, from a simple observation of reality.

These exercises encourage to pay a particularly attentive look on an environment that is sometimes played down by everyday life, to be reactive to what is coming, to welcome the unforeseen.

Workshops Exercises

Watch a selection of exercice films by clicking on the player.

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