European Projects

At the heart of an international network, Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse  has found its place as a partner in many educational projects, supported by the European Commission, via its program Europe Creative Media for the development of audience and artistic education with young Europeans.
Other structures connected to Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse

  Europe Créative


Project operated by the Cinemateca portuguesa (CinEd 2.0, 2020-2022)

Opened and operated by the Institut français (Paris, France) 2015-2020
Educational coordination partner:  CCAJ


The aim of this project is to open up the diverse riches of European Cinema for young people aged 6 – 18 by giving them access to a collection of rare films. This strategy is married with an active engagement with film education, which can be adapted to work in various contexts, through the collective experience of working with 9 other European countries: France, Bulgaria, Spain, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Partners meet several times a year to discuss the development of the project. They arrange screenings in cinemas, local cultural centres and schools and organise trainings for teachers and youth workers.

A free website which allows teachers and youth workers access to:

  • A catalogue of films
  • Moving image teaching resources, with analysis and practical materials:
    • Educational packs for each film
    • Young Filmgoer files, full of suggested activities
    • Educational films around these and questions of cinema: At the table; In the car; Looks; Distances; Escaping; Conflict; Reality/Fiction


Symposium CinEd

L'Esprit de la ruche Uma Pedra no Bolso Pierrot le fou  

From Framework to Impact (2018-2020)

A BFI project (British Film Institue, London, UK)

This project follows on from the Framework for Film Education (see below) and has already taken part in CCAJ. It brings together experts from across 14 European countries.
Aim: To gather together educational resources form partner organisations in the creation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Project partners: British Film Institue (UK), Danish Film Institute (Denmark), Vision Kino (Germany), and film based cultural organisations in Slovenia, Roumania, Greece, Estonia, EFAD Hungary, Italy (Cineteca di Bologna), Lituania, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain.

  From Framework to Impact

Framework for Film Education (2014-2015)

Mapping moving image education across Europe
A BFI Project (British Film Institue, London, UK)

Aim: To bring together a group of experts to draw up a map of artistic education across Europe in 2014 /15, drawing on shared experiences and the identification of common objectives in the delivery of moving image education.

Countries involved: France (Cinémathèque française/Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse), Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria, UK, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Lituania, Roumania, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, the Czech Republique, Slovenia.

  Framework for Film Education

Inside Cinema

A project associated with Moving Cinema, delivered by A Bao a Qu (Barcelona, Spain)

The Cinémathèque/CCAJ took part in Inside cinema in 2014 /15 by way of its archives in relation to Jean Luc Goddard’s Pierrot le Fou, and François Truffaut’s The 400 Blows. The aim of the project is to allow young Europeans to understand how a film is made by the examination of archive production materials.

Countries involved: Spain, Lithuania, Portugal, Scotland, France, UK.

  Moving Cinema