Send us your Lumière minutes!

Lumière Minutes

Making a Lumiere Minute connects you with one of the most fundamental approaches to making cinema:  From the shots recorded by the original Lumiere cameramen, through to the minutes recorded today by young people taking their first steps in cinema throughout the world.

Minute Lumière

Rules of the game

Each student chooses the location and subject of his shot, choosing exactly the right moment to start recording his film. The camera records from one position without panning, although it can be placed on or in a moving object (car, lift, train or underground train amongst others), and sound is recorded directly at source. Then 60 seconds later with watch in hand, he has to stop the shot, as if the reel had finished, just like a Lumière operator of old. This way each shot is a result of both choice - and luck. The Lumière Minute should be named.

Students' Minutes

The selected minutes that you can watch below reflect the children and the teenagers' vision of the world throughout their different regions and different countries.