Educational Feedbacks

A space to share and reflect on the work of CCAJ and the teaching of cinema in general, featuring articles, essays, participant testimonies and feedback.


Neighbours from all over the world gather together to screen and watch both their own films and those of their international peers. An exploration of how it feels to see your film on the big screen, how it is to have others watch your film, and the magical moment where the groups meet for the first time.

  A nous le cinéma ! 2022 Récits d'expérience

A nous le cinéma ! 2019 Récits d'expérience

A nous le cinéma ! 2018 Récits d'expérience


A nous le cinéma ! 2017 Récits d'expérience

A nous le cinéma ! 2016 Récits d'expérience


Difficulties and surprises in filming, moments of intense concentration and improvisation – the careful craft of the first-time director.

 2018 A River of Memory making-of 2017 Shadows of the Past making-of
2016 Façade making-of

Commentary Films

The key stages in the year of a group: filmmakers and teachers reflect on the the process that gave birth to the final film.

2012 Commentary of Von dir nicht 2011 Commentary of Le Passage
2009 Commentary of L'Engagement



Discussing cinema and film education.