Watching and Making: A specific question of cinema which allows the discovery of the different parameters of cinema on every encounter: mise en scène, sound, light, acting, editing… Featuring resources to explore the topic in an educational setting. An examination of colour: Whether as part of the shimmering world of musicals, or discretely deployed throughout the course of a film, how does colour become an essential element of narration and aesthetics in cinema?

Rules of the Game

The making of individual and collective exercises, around common rule, enables experimentation and understanding of the cinema question’s stakes.

Little colored shapes: In still or moving images, record colour in all its forms in the environment: coloured materials, natural elements, light, signboards, reflections, manufactured objects, signs, etc. This exercice gives students the opportunity to express an eccentric vision of a familiar environment, but also to make other participants discover the colours of different countries and regions’ environment where workshops take place.

The day when ...: “… I was ill, I passed my exams, I was the happiest, I was in love, I was scared…”: express the emotion, the feeling felt that day, in a short shot and through the use of colour... Through evoking a striking memory, this exercise enables sensitivity to the narrative and emotional function of colours and also enables to think about work on sound, and in particular the role of voice-over.

Chromatic variations: How to transform a set or a still-life? Adding or taking out colour. Through a set transformation, this exercise enables student to think about the work and the dynamic colours layout over time.

Workshops Exercises

Watch a selection of exercice films by clicking on the player.

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