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Valve Film School for Children is part of the Children’s Cultural Centre of Oulu which belongs to the City of Oulu’s Culture and Education Services.

Valve Film School has been active since 2003. Valve Film School is organizing clubs, courses and workshops for children, youth and adults. The aim is to encourage children to express their own opinions and thoughts creatively through language of cinema.

Valve Film School is developing new methods and producing resources for integrating moving image into school environment as part of phenomenon and experiential based learning. Over 1000 pupils participates the school workshops every year. As part of this process Valve Film School produces guide books, articles and booklets about film education methods and organizes teacher training. Pedagogical methods and guide books have also been distributed to outside Finland.

Valve Film School has about 100 film enthusiasts participating in weekly film clubs at Cultural Centre Valve. Clubs are meant for the children between 7 — 20 years old. Each June over 100 kids are participating in popular summer camps. Films made by children have been screened all over the world on every continent except Antarctica. Some of the children have also had chance to attend film festivals in different countries.

Valve Film School is coordinating National Film Week for Schools in Finland. The goal is to offer film education resources for exploring, experiencing, and producing film for each school in Finland for free.

Valve Film School for Children has been awarded Day of Child -prize for remarkable contribution for art education by the Ministry of Education and Culture.