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Cero en conducta


During the year 2016, with the support of the Juan Gómez Millas Bicentennial Initiative of the University of Chile, Cero en Conducta began to be implemented, a project from the Institute of Communication and Image that seeks to influence the debate and development of the current growing interest in introduce cinema in Chilean schools. Motivated by the enormous power of cinema as a formative phenomenon, with the ability to bring the world before the eyes of a child, and at the same time transform him into a creator of the world, a group of graduates, professors, filmmakers, students, workers and academics formed the team that launched Cero en Conducta, among them: Ignacio Agüero, Nicolás Guzmán and María Ines Silva.

There are two main lines of action: first, film workshops in schools and teacher training. And second, gather information from other actors and institutions that work the relationship between the cinema and the school, to learn about their approaches and methodologies.

Good cinema operates in mysterious ways. Trying to understand it, explain it, teach it, can always lead us to a dangerous reductionism. So, how to teach cinema, beyond the roles of the industry, of the "cinematic language"? The galaxy of cinema is so vast and there are so many ways to enter it, that perhaps the most sensible thing is to aim only to arouse genuine interest and motivation so that students want to explore their own path in it.

Under this search, in 2019 after the III International Meeting "Cinema is School" held in the city of Santiago, an alliance with Cinema Cents Ans de Jeunesse was achieved, with the aim of exploring new ways of generating contact between children and cinema. This 2022, for the third consecutive year, we have the valuable participation of the Liceo Gabriela Mistral de Independencia thanks to the support of the PACE program of the University of Chile.