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Z.E.L. emerged as an initiative by a group of artists from littoral Santa Fe to promote and spread art as a fundamental creative activity in human evolution, emphasizing the need to conceive it as a free and liberating act. Since 2008, the organization has been developing various activities connected to cinema and music, such as workshops, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, talks, etc., aimed at different social groups (children and adolescents, youths with pathologies, primary and secondary schools, orphanages, asylums, public spaces, private institutions, etc.) from the Santa Fe region and the Calchaquí Valleys.

The main objective behind Z.E.L.’s Cero en conducta program is to bring forth cinematographic art to children and youngsters from different social strata, seeking to motivate them into developing skills and attitudes that might become useful tools for their lives. Some of the activities being developed since 2012 are cinema series and special sessions, scratch film workshops, digital video workshops and writing workshops, among others. The 2016-2017 cycle was our first year in the pedagogic program Cinéma, cents ans de jeunesse with the partnership of the Cinemateca y Archivo de la Imagen Nacional (CINAIN), Argentina.

CINAIN is a public institution under the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, created with the aim of preserving and promoting the film heritage.