Near Orouet

Du côté d'Orouët

Jacques Rozier, France, 1973


No fictional stake in this scene of a walk along the beach, the filmmaker seems to enjoy using the screen as a canvas on which his puts his characters silhouettes. He chooses rather wide shots to be able to gather the heavy sky, reflecting on the strand and into the sea. A very mobile camera, frequent axis changes, enable to catch unforeseen events of a very changing light and sky, in their multiple shades of blue and grey. The camera precedes slightly the three characters whose bodies are in direct take with the elements: The wind blowing up coats and scarves, muffles voices and forces them to shout to be heard, the water rising that slows their pace down, the cold. The comedians seem to improvise a dialogue where they talk about the weather, the threatening storm. Rozier decides shots on the spot: at the end of the sequence, he decides to accompany to the end the girls going up the steps in order to catch the image of a white cloud appearing in front of our eyes in between the two buildings. Like Rohmer, the choice of a very modest filming economy enables Jacques Rozier to be open and reactive to weather hazards.