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Cinema TAKE is an association that is born out of the friendship of three cinema lovers; Emilie Demon, Muriel Huet and Mpumelelo Mcata. The objective is for the people of inner-city Johannesburg, and children of surrounding townships, to experience cinema differently, not just as entertainment, but also as an art and educational tool.

Cinema TAKE, The Alternative Kinetic Experience, is where people discover films that would otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas. Emilie, Muriel and Mpumelelo’s combination of skills fit perfectly into this idea of bringing cutting edge cinema to all, as their hands on approach, interest and experience is both artistic and educational.

Their first project has been to take on the responsibility of bringing ‘Cinéma Cent Ans De Jeunesse’ (CCAJ) to South Africa. Cinema TAKE is conducting monthly workshops in the township of Thokoza, in collaboration with the organisation Of Soul and Joy and IFAS (the French Institute of South Africa).