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Os Filhos de Lumière (Lumière’s Children) is a cultural association founded in 2000 by a group of filmmakers, dedicated to the development of cinema outreaching programs, inside and outside of school, combining the movie analysis to the practice, gathering filmmakers, teachers, children and teens, schools and cultural spaces around this art.

The association has been participating, since it was founded, in several meetings, seminars and reflection conferences about the pedagogy and methods of initiation to film, in Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy and Brazil.

This activity has been developed in partnership with entities carrying similar goals through joint projects such as “O Mundo à Nossa Volta” (The World Around Us) which is integrated in the pedagogic program le Cinéma, cents ans de jeunesse (Cinema, One Hundred Years of Youth) and made possible in collaboration with the Portuguese Cinematheque just like “O Primeiro Olhar” (The First Glance) workshops; the “Bordils-Moita” project, developed between Portugal and Spain under the European Program “Coménius Régio” (2012-2014) and more recent European projects such as Moving Cinema (2014-2016), CinEd, since 2015, the Shortcut and Academias Gulbenkian do Conhecimento, since 2018.

In 2013, Os Filhos de Lumière moved its headquarters to the former school “Escola das Gaivotas”, in Lisboa, where it shares cultural place "Rua das Gaivotas 6" with Teatro Praga thanks to Lisboa city. This place is a network of associations and a cultural space soon to be opened to the community, where there will be carried out screenings and meetings between the participants to reflect and discuss their experience and implemented projects.