Institut Jean Vigo




L’Institut Jean Vigo is a regional Cinémathèque and member of the International Federation of Film Archives [FIAF]. It is involved in a diverse range of activities. Its principal aim is the diffusion of cinema and cinematic culture. Each week it offers an activity such as, a festival, an event with a film professional, or conferences. It is heavily engaged with the training of all audiences, but is especially focused on working with young people in the development of a cinematic regard and the ability to read and interpret the moving image. It is focused on creating and publishing magazines and books on cinema in its area. At the heart of its operations lies the preservation of cinematic materials, films and posters, especially anything connected to the region. It hosts one of the first collections of such material in France, made up of photos, journals, books, scripts and cameras amongst other pieces.

National Initiatives : l’Institut Jean Vigo has taken part in the national film education initiatives for several years: Ecole et Cinéma, Collège au Cinéma, Lycéens et apprentis au Cinéma, and Passeurs d’Images. The first three initiatives allow young people to discover cinema through specially arranged screenings. Through attending these screenings and taking part in the accompanying work with teachers and cultural partners they start to build up a real and profound relation to film culture.

Passeurs d’Images offers concerts and outdoor screenings to audiences right in the heart of their neighbourhoods. These screenings are free to attend and also feature a support programme of of filmmaking and training workshops. The model is coordinated in Perpignan by L’Institut Jean Vigo in collaboration with the town council (Centres sociaux, D.D.S.J., D.A.C.) and with the support of the D.R.A.C. Languedoc-Roussillon – la Préfecture / l’ACSE. L’Institut Jean Vigo has taken part in Cinéma Cent Ans de Jeunessse since 2005, which was initiated and coordinated by the Cinémathèque Française.

Education Services : In 2005 L’Institut became a part of the network of educational services of the Eastern Pyrenees region. Through this network it is involved in moving image education from kindergarten through to university level, also offering public workshops and teacher training sessions. Various educational workshops are offered at a number of levels. These workshops cover topics including projection, editing, sound and film analysis. They also host film debates and encounters with filmmaking professionals.