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The Eye Filmmuseum is the film sector’s institute of Dutch cinema and national film museum of the Netherlands. Eye was founded in 2010 as a merger between four Dutch institutions: the Filmmuseum, Holland Film, the Filmbank and the Netherlands Institute for Film Education.  Aim of Eye is to preserve and present film as art, entertainment, cultural heritage and as a social document and to promote and communicate film culture and the importance of film by connecting the past, present and future of film.

The collection of the Eye Filmmuseum focuses on Dutch film heritage and encompasses the entire span of film history from pre-cinematic to the most recent Dutch releases.  The institution manages more than 50.000 films – both national and international productions. In addition the collection of Eye includes photographs, posters, sheet music, the archives of various filmmakers and organizations, as well as large apparatus and book collections.

Film education is one of Eye’s key focuses. By stimulating passion for and knowledge of film by learning to understand (through analysis and reflection) and use (through production and selection) the medium of film (and related media), Eye aims to bring everyone in the Netherlands into contact with the various film education activities (watching films, making films, sharing films, experiencing films) at least once in his or her life. Eye is one of the main providers of film education in the Netherlands, with over 20.000 participants of their educational programs annually. In addition to special events and workshops, the educational program within the museum consists of fixed workshops, guided tours and interactive film programs. Moreover, Eye also offers educational programming through a Netherlands-wide guest lecture program, in which trained museum lecturers and filmmaker visit schools. Eye has set itself the goal of better integrating film education into the Dutch curriculum. For this purpose Eye has developed and is part of a variety of projects and programs, such as the Dutch Filmeducation Network. On a European level Eye participates in Cinemini Europe, a project to bring film education to early childhood.