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If you don’t go to the cinema, the cinema will come to you

Created in 1995 the Ciné Woulé association has been active in touring cinema and moving image education projects both locally and nationally for 20 years. We aspire to promote cinema for today and tomorrow, whether that be art house or commercial, coming in to contact with a large amount of the Caribbean public.

We have a double objective:

  • To decentralise cinema, which is largely concentrated on the more populous areas of the region
  • To offer a choice of cinema, characterised by a choice of non-commercial films, which reflect reality, and curiosity about the world

Ciné Woulé is the first moving image association to coordinate a Cinema, Cent Ans De Jeunesse with the Cinémathèque Française in the Antilles.  We’ve taken part in the project since 2010.  Jean-Marc Césaire is the project co-ordinator for Ciné Woulé.

Ciné Woulé
676 A, Barbotteau
97170 Petit Bourg
0590 21 37 99