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The Deutsche Kinemathek was founded in 1963 by Gerhard Lamprecht, film director and collector.

In 2000 the Deutsche Kinemathek opened the museum of film and television on Potsdamer Platz in the centre of Berlin. It provides a base for a collection of films and archives, situated in the offices of the “Berlinale” international film festival, which it has organised since 1977. Since 2006 teaching and education activities and projects have been coordinated around both visiting and permanent exhibitions, whilst also providing access to the film collections and archives. A successful programme of a wide array of education work has been in operation since the opening of the education department.

The Deutsche Kinemathek first took part in Cinema Cent Ans de Jeunesse in 2011. They have taken part in the project each year since, with the exception of 2012/13.

The Education Department of the Kinemathek offers a multi-faceted portfolio of analytical and productive museum, archive and film education formats and events for all ages and backgrounds, which are realized by a team of well-trained freelance educators (pedagogues, filmmakers, artists etc.).

Outreach activities, screenings, educational publications, school projects as well as training courses and events for teachers, multipliers and experts complement the education program.

DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum e.V.

Deustches Filminstitut und Filmmuseum

Deutsches Filminstitut und Filmmuseum


The DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum is one of the leading international film heritage institutions. Its mission is to preserve the film heritage, make it accessible and share film culture with a worldwide public. It uniquely combines museum, cinema, archives and collections, festivals, digital platforms, research and digitisation projects as well as numerous educational programmes. From the culturally diverse and dynamic city of Frankfurt am Main, the DFF with its more than 200 employees maintains relationships with film and scientific institutions worldwide. It builds bridges from the analogue past to the digital present and future.

The DFF is dedicated to the art of film, whose past and present, aesthetics and impact it presents in a variety of ways in exhibitions and in its own cinema. The permanent exhibition presents exciting exhibits and several special exhibitions each year complete the programme.

Every year the DFF organizes LUCAS - International Festival for Young Film Lovers, goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film as well as the SchulKinoWochen Hessen (School Cinema Weeks in Hesse). is the central internet platform and provides reliable information on all German cinema films.

In 2019, the DFF opened its new archive and study center in Frankfurt, the DFF Fassbinder Center, Frankfurt, in which it concentrates and makes accessible large parts of its archives and collections.

The DFF has been participating in CCAJ since 2019/2020.