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The CORSICA.DOC organisation was created in 2007 to organise the promotion of documentary cinema in Corsica by way of a festival in the autumn at Ajaccio, working with school groups, and organising quarterly screenings in the municipal cinema as well as monthly screenings in a municipal cinema in a village in the south of Corsica.  The organisation also participates in Varan-Corse sessions and regularly organises film analysis sessions throughout the course of the year.  CORSICA.DOC organises “Art and Essaying” Art et Essai sessions in the nearby multiplex, Ellipse Cinema, and “Cinema Club” at the CCAS in Porticcio.

Working on Cinema, Cent Ans De Jeunesse provides depth and length to its moving image education work for schools.  This project is supported by the Cinémathèque de Corse, created in 2000 at Porto Vecchio and directed by the Collectivité Territoriale de Corse (CTC).

A partner in the studio, the Cinémathèque de Corse, a branch of the CTC, assures a collective mission, to conserve and promote cinematographic heritage, both local and from beyond. The Centre Sportif d’Education Populaire (CSJC) is another partner, who bring technical knowledge and support to the project.

A cultural establishment of the Collectivité Territoriale de Corse, the Cinémathèque de Corse places great importance on its education work, as a part of the range of its offer.  It takes part in national moving image education projects, such as the Centre National De La Cinématographie’s “Primary, Middle, High Schools & Apprentices of Cinema”.  The Cinémathèque runs the Cinema Course for the Académie de Corse

To conclude, its mission to spread and promote cinematic heritage means that it regularly delivers teacher training sessions and screenings to school audiences.