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Arte Urbana Collectif is an artistic collective based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The collective was created in 2016 by Ralitsa Assenova (programmer and project coordinator) and Dimitar Uzunov (producer and theatre director) who later were joined by other artists and cultural managers from Bulgaria. The collective organizes cultural events (festival, educational forums, theatre performances) in Bulgaria and aims to create an international cultural dynamic in the country. Arte Urbana Collectif runs two big events: Meetings of Young European Cinema in Sofia, festival dedicated to the first films and the young audience, and Summer Scriptwriting Camp, residence for authors from all over the world, held in various locations in Bulgaria. Arte Urbana is partner of various international projects and supported by important institutions such as Sofia municipality and its cultural program, National Cultural Fund, Institut français de Bulgarie and the Embassy of France in Bulgaria, Espaço Camões Sofia and the Embassy of Portugal in Bulgaria, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, British Institute, the Bulgarian national film archive etc.

Arte Urbana Collectif coordinates Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse for Bulgaria since 2017.