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Mon Ciné is the local cinema of the town of Saint Martin d’Heres. Originally a cinema ran by association, today it belongs to the municipality, and is tied in to various town and local initiatives, connected to the Grenoble area, its county enterprise committee, schools, crèches, and secondary schools of the surrounding area. Since its inception the cinema and its screening space have been about allowing local people access to meet and discuss film. Mon Ciné programmes an eclectic series of work for young people in school and out of school, featuring world cinema under the headline strands of Young Public, Art & Attempts Screenings, Research and Discovery, and European Cinemas. It is a member of the Alpine regional cinematic research group (ACRIRA). A member of Cinema, Cent Ans De Jeunesse (CCADJ) since 2006, the framework and intentions of the project fit very well within the aims of Mon Ciné, as it aims to seek the validation of quality film making, and support the diversity of different types of film, especially within the form, genres and subjects that the project explores. It compliments the work lead with schools and teachers in moving image teaching, informing ways of seeing, following initiatives such as: Primary Schools at the Cinema; Secondary Schools at the Cinema; Upper Secondary Cinema and Apprentices of Cinema; and special educational screenings as requested by teaching staff. CCADJ permits a genuine exchange of perspective with the young participants from the various countries that take part. The project adds value to our work with young people, introducing them to quality cinema, inviting their critical engagement, and promoting the idea of cinema as a language that crosses cultures.

Mon Ciné diversified its offer for young audiences in 2012 with the introduction of an early years festival “Three Little Cinematic Steps” and regular screenings for 9 local creches and playgroups, breakfast cinema, cinema tasters, to film making sessions “Steersmen of the Image”, open air screenings in the town, day long explorations of the image under the heading Tice, and collaborations with the local music conservatoire, libraries, and youth arts hubs. Its initiatives and actions are lead in collaboration with young persons cinema development officer and project appointed arts professionals, directors, musicians, cultural and association coordinators.

Mon Ciné
10 avenue Ambroise Croizat
38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères