Documentaire sur Grand Ecran





Documentaire sur grand écran


Created in 1991, the association Documentaire sur grand écran (Dsge) is a major figure in promoting documentary cinema and distributing films in France through:


- Programming: organisation of screenings with discussions with the filmmakers and/or contributors (a monthly meeting in Paris, travelling thematic cycles, retrospectives, etc.),


- The coordination of a national network, le 7e Réseau, which brings together regional venues and distribution partners,


- The distribution of a catalogue of 250 films in which the great names of documentary cinema rub shoulders with those of the new generation,


- Support for documentary films in theatres through the Best of Doc Festival, launched in 2019, which offers the opportunity to re-watch the best documentaries of the past year in theatres, as well as the Double Jeu scheme, which offers to combine a recent film with a heritage film.


- A resource website on documentary cinema for the general public and for professionals


In September 2021, Documentaire sur grand écran becomes the partner in Île-de-France of the image education programme "Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse" run by the association Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse! This programme includes more than 40 workshops that take place throughout the school year, all over the world. Each workshop is supervised by a teacher and a filmmaker. In Île-de-France, the workshops will be held in schools, colleges and high schools in the region.

CINÉ 104


Ciné 104 extérieur

Ciné 104 intérieur


CINÉ 104


Ciné 104 is located at the gates of Paris, very close to the Eglise de Pantin metro station. At its beginning, in 1987, the cinema was an association. In 2007, it became municipal and in 2012, Ciné 104 was transferred to the Est-Ensemble agglomeration community, which became in January 2016, the Établissement Public Territorial / Territoire de la Métropole du Grand Paris.

It belongs to the largest network of public cinemas in France, along with Le Trianon in Romainville, Le Mélies in Montreuil, Cinéma André Malraux in Bondy, l'Écran nomade in Bobigny and Cin'Hoche in Bagnolet. Anne Huet has been the director since 2016.

Ciné 104 is classified as Art et Essai and has three labels: Research, Young Audience, Repertoire.

The quality programming is eclectic and is aimed at young audiences, families, film lovers as well as those who enjoy more mainstream cinema. The cinema keeps in close touch with film releases while regularly offering cycles or screenings of works from the world's cinematic heritage.

There are many different types of events and meetings. The cinema organises debates with filmmakers and film crews, but also with historians, journalists, film critics, architects, musicians, writers and sociologists. Every year in June, the Côté Court Festival takes place, putting short films in the spotlight for ten days.

Since 2021, Ciné 104 has been the cultural partner in Ile-de-France and hosts the screenings and meetings of Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse: the training session in September, the midterm meeting in March, and the final event which brings together a thousand students from France, Europe and the rest of the world to present their own films.